11 Dec 2012

The Bouchier Group attracts significant investment from Carillion

Carillion is a leading global support services company, with annual revenues in excess of $8bn. The investment complements Carillion's existing support services activities in Canada, which include facilities management and services, energy services, and roads maintenance, and provides access to substantial new growth markets... Read full article
01 Apr 2011

Fort McKay First Nation receives generous donation from local entrepreneur

The Bouchier Group Donates Zamboni for new arena in Fort McKay. We're very excited about this new arena, and the positive impact it will have on our community members-of all ages. And we thank David Bouchier and his company for giving back to the community through their kind donation of a Zamboni for the arena's [...]
01 Jul 2010

Northern Persuasion

David Bouchier had a good thing going on. It was 2004 and he was in his 10th year as manager of the Fort McKay Group of Companies. Bouchier helped grow the group's expertise in oil and gas support, the mainstay of the business side of the Fort MacKay First Nation (located near Fort McMurray). In [...]