Our Process

Our five-step process is the reason we are seen as a partner and the contractor of choice.


Generational Presence

Guided by the 7 sacred teachings, we are partners living and working on our traditional lands. We are not here alone. We came from seven generations before and plan for seven generations after. We are valued partners at the table.

Full Circle
The kinship comes full circle. We built the trust at the beginning, it led to loyalty, and we grew together in order to achieve lasting and recognizable results that are valued for years to come.

We foster our clients, and their loyalty is key. We honour one another through listening, responding and ensuring we keep moving forward together.

As Indigenous people, our values teach us about taking care of each other. We seek first to understand our clients and their needs by doing that we can take care of each other and lift each other up as a community.

Setting Intentions
Bringing our understanding before we action to accomplish what we set out to do. Changing our perspective to honour our ways before providing solutions.


We want our clients to be better by working with us. Transparency, fostering, and maintaining strong business principles and relationships are a priority.

We Care. We Inspire. We Deliver.

Project Know-How, Technical Expertise
Bouchier has the experience, expertise, equipment and resources to effectively and efficiently design, engineer, execute, manage and maintain projects from start to finish—and beyond. Our workforce has the expertise and experience to be proficient and proactive in recognizing potential challenges before they happen, and quickly supply solutions that mitigate risk and/or loss.