Following the wildfires that have impacted our community and work, we have provided a list of organizations below that we know are currently providing support. Please feel free to contact any of the organizations that you feel would benefit you. Please also raise any particular concerns you have with your line manager, so that we can understand where additional support maybe required.

We’re also aware of a number of community groups who are providing food and shelter across Alberta, so please check local radio and social media.

As we gain more information, we will be sure to update this sheet and circulate. Thank you for your ongoing support to Bouchier and Alberta and please stay safe.


  • The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo is requesting individuals register their contact details and whereabouts to help locate and contact loved ones/family members Wildfires@RMWB.CA
  • Red Cross – People are able to register their displacement via the Red Cross phone number 1-888-350-6070 or the website
  • The Employee & Family Assistance Program – Call EFAP for support in dealing with loss 1-800-837-4765
  • Apply for Employment Insurance right away, as a precautionary move, regardless of whether a Record of Employment has been issued. This should done by all staff whose residence is outside the Wood Buffalo area. Service Canada will start a claim and put the claim together with the ROE later. Fort McMurray evacuees should use this code when applying: 4812 01 2016 030516.
  • Some mortgage lenders will waive payments for up to four months. You’re advised to call your bank to ask what can be done.
  • If accommodation and shelter is required the following address can be used register with the provincial emergency fund. You will be given a wrist band which will provides for a host of free and reduced services in the city of Edmonton. Additionally it will register them for the Provincial emergency fund which will allow for financial, accommodation and other support as required. Northlands Center, 7515 118 Ave, Edmonton, AB
  • West Edmonton Mall Waterpark will accept any Evacuees with Fort McMurray address on their ID to use the Waterpark at no charge.


  • Anyone with renters or home insurance should contact their insurance companies right away. Most insurance plans will cover costs of food, lodging and essentials (like toothbrushes, etc), but you have to start your claim now. In the meantime please ensure you keep all receipts.
  • Expect to be away from Fort McMurray for at least 14 days, regardless of whether your home survived. First responders will have to be sure hot spots are completely out; Secure high risk areas; Erect fencing around high risk areas; Water treatment & Electrical circuits will need to come back on line etc.
  • Homes that have survived will need work before they can lived in again. The fridge and freezers will be full of rotten food and everything will smell like smoke and will have to be cleaned. Don’t make your first return home late in the evening, as you’re unlikely to be able to rest when you get there.
  • Grocery stores will not have a lot to offer and supplies will be low. Stock up before you return from the City.


Should you have any questions please speak to your line manager or make contact through one of the touch points below. A response will then be provided within 48 hours:


Phone: 1-844-680-5964