Landon Cardinal-Lavallee, a valuable member of the Bouchier team, has achieved a significant milestone in his career. Landon is now a Journeyperson Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic (HVAC-R), and we could not be prouder of him!

Landon’s career with Bouchier started as a labourer at our Incubator location working under Trevor Grandjambe. Later, he moved to the Albian site to work with the facilities group as a labourer. Landon’s hard work and dedication led him to join the Refrigeration apprenticeship program. Landon was an exceptional apprentice who always volunteered whenever extra help was required. He is a great example of what it means to embody Bouchier’s safety culture, hard work, honesty, and commitment to excellence. We thank Landon’s leaders for supporting him throughout this journey. Their guidance, mentorship, and encouragement have been instrumental in helping Landon achieve this significant milestone.

Landon’s success story is a true inspiration for all employees at Bouchier. It shows that with hard work, dedication, and a little help, you can achieve your goals and advance in your career.

Landon shared that receiving his journeyman ticket represents the hard work and positive mindset of a 10-year journey with Bouchier. He expressed his gratitude for the opportunities he had to grow both personally and professionally, gaining invaluable hands-on experience in the field.

“As an individual with a young family, I understand the financial pressures that come with going to school, but I assure anyone that it is worth the financial hardship to complete their trade. Bouchier has provided me with ample opportunities for growth and development, supporting me every step of the way. I will be ever grateful for their support.”

Landon’s achievement not only reflects his dedication and hard work but also highlights the supportive and nurturing environment that Bouchier fosters for its employees. He looks forward to continuing to contribute to Bouchier’s success.

At Bouchier, we are committed to providing our team members with ample opportunities to learn, grow, and develop their skills. Whether through training programs, mentorship, or career advancement opportunities, we always strive to help our employees reach their full potential.

Once again, congratulations to Landon on his remarkable achievement, and we look forward to seeing what the future holds for him!